” The Deceptive Fibionary ” – Twisting the Minds of Readers with a Book of three cleverly told Short Stories

Deceptive fibionary - Cover


God’s Earth Is a 3D Computer Program in Kasper’s ” Deceptive Fibionary”

The Deceptive Fibionary begins with Honorable Mischief, a short story that starts out with an opening statement of a Psychiatrist relating his observations about a young woman on trial. The first ones deceived are the readers assuming the spelling mistakes are those of Author Leagan E. Kasper, cleverly leading the readers to self-discovery of their own prejudice. Best not too judge too early because Honorable Mischief is exactly what the author aims to accomplish creating a brilliant plot humoring society and leaving the readers stunned and speechless.

The Lion’s Den may well be the secret hide-out of the world’s true leaders, how clandestine it is and where it is in actuality located is a whopping bombshell leaving readers in total awe. With astonishing imagination, believably realistic, the Lion’s Den – the second short story of Kasper’s tale collection – is science fiction at its finest. The true President of the United States, whose existence is not known to the public, is virtually being stalked on his computer. The stalkers, first believed to be aliens, demonstrate their power over the elements, assuring the President all they want is to help him with the problems he and the true world leaders are facing. Secret Service alarms the department of technology wizards who promptly replace the President’s computer with a futuristic new model. The aliens prove to be even more advanced, transporting the President, the head of Secret Service and the chief of the Technology wizards to their space. Finding themselves in an Octagonal Hall, no aliens, rather the Makers of Earth are awaiting them for some stunning, fantastically visionary revelations.

Adventure of a Scribe, the third short story in The Deceptive Fibionary, permits a peek inside the mind of a writer venturing into the unexplored place that gives birth to original thoughts and innovations. The place called imagination. Adventure of a Scribe is written in rhyming verse, rhythmically in jazz meter, allowing us to understand the suffering and isolation it took for great men of history to create master pieces, expressing their attained knowledge in art.
When it comes to originality and innovative science fiction, wherever that place called imagination may be, Leagan E. Kasper owns it.

” The Deceptive Fibionary ” is available at every book seller, internationally, including Amazon and Barnes&Nobels. You can also Buy directly from Distributor

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