” Believe Me” – The Unauthorized Autobiography of Donald J. Trump

NEW – fresh from the press, published on April 12, 2016  and available in bookstores near you internationally by the end of this week, or online at most book sellers nation wide and worldwide – only in Paperback.

” BELIEVE ME ” The Unauthorized Autobiography of Donald J. Trump, by award winning American author Leagan E. Kasper, known for her razor-sharp wit, is a serious Parody in which Donald J. Trump reveals well kept secrets of his childhood, never previously made public, and the real reason why he wants to become POTUS. He also goes into detail about policies, for the very first time, as well as his Campaign Strategy and why his opponents don’t stand a chance.

What are The Donald’s private thoughts on Hillary Clinton ? Carly Fiorina ? His real thoughts about Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders ? Will Donald Trump’s private secrets, which finally came out in the open,  effect his Presidential Campaign ? Find out and see for yourself.

Now available for an entry discount price of  $5.99 when ordering directly from the printer CLICK HERE




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